Ifeoma Onyefulu

Children's author, photographer and writer

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Building the city walls

Image by Ifeoma Onyefulu

Ifeoma Onyefulu

Writer, children's author and photographer

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Children's Africana

Book Awards (U.S)


Ifeoma is a past award winner -

Sankore Mosque in Timbuktu

Reviews of Ifeoma's work:


Look at This! Home

"Onyefulu celebrates light, color and the people of Mali in this and three other themed suites of bright photos of common items or activities..."


New Shoes for Helen

"It would be good to see more books like this, that show just how similar we humans are, and what a huge influence the lottery of our births has on our lives..."

The Girl Who Married a Ghost


"This is a lovely compilation of stories from Africa and it's comforting that pride, envy...are human traits across all cultural backgounds..."

A brand new edition of this classic book from Ifeoma.


Newly released in 2016.


'From Beads to Drums to Masquerades, from Grandmother to Yams, this photographic alphabet captures the rhythms of day-to-day village life in Africa. Ifeoma Onyefulu's lens reveals not only traditional crafts and customs, but also the African sense of occasion and fun in images that will delight children the world over'.


One Big Family, a photography exhibition
by Ifeoma Onyefulu


An award-winning children’s author and a photographer. She has won several awards for her books in USA, amongst them was CABA, (Children African Book Award), which she won twice.

Ifeoma has had many exhibitions - The British Museum, Liverpool Museum, Bristol Museum, Truro Museum and at the Afrika Center, Oslo, Norway, to name but a few.

Some collectors: The Arts Council UK, and Northwestern University USA and with other private collectors.

Exhibiting at Archway Library, London N19 5PH

24th June to 24th July, 2016           t. 0207 527 7820              


See more at The Islington Library Opening Times page here...                    
One Big Family


The title reflects the warm welcome I received while travelling to many African countries over the years. I stayed in people’s homes, ate with them. I enjoyed eating the delicious Hausa Koko (millet porridge), and drinking fresh camel’s milk, and Burukoku (the local brew).


I have always been very interested in photographing people, and traditional houses.

My aim has always been to capture the warmth, the colours and vibrant life I knew as a child in Nigeria, and to - in my own little way - help preserve some traditions which I believe are fast disappearing because of our modern way of life.

I have chosen for this exhibition my photographs from five African countries, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Ghana.